KLEAN-TUBE is the first company in China that adopts oil drawing technology (both seamless and welded) to manufacture precisely minor-caliber stainless steel tubes,electronic semiconductor, applied to biological pharmaceutical,food hygiene, laboratory, instrumentation, hydraulic field, precision machinery and etc. We take advantage of our advanced processing technology and strict quality control to provide premium products for clients. Our company is already qualified by ISO 9001 and TS/ISO 16949, and all the employees prudently obey the requirements of the systems to monitor every procedure, promising the quality of final products. The annual output of stainless steel tube in Klean is 3,000,000 meters, and meanwhile KLEAN-TUBE provides preparation inventory of products for important clients and regular size. The workshop for AP tubes covers about 5,000 ㎡,the production workshop covers 5,000 ㎡,and the surface treatment and cleaning & packing workshop covers 5,000 ㎡. Our company is also equipped with testing center involving comprehensive quality inspection and monitoring.